bulk toner powder used for OKI 3300/3400

bulk toner powder used for OKI 3300/3400

bulk toner powder used for OKI 3300/3400

bulk toner powder used for OKI 3300/3400

 Competitive price

 compatible ,free of patent,

high printing performance

 Perfect printing ability

 Free shipping for large weight, 

 90%-98% similar to OEM toner powder 's printing performance

working perfect in all the countries with different weather ,temperature,humidity  etc conditions


We are a gold and trusted manufacture of toner chip (laser chip, reset chip, printer chip, toner cartridge chip, compatible chip) and a reseller of OPC drum, printer drum, Our website: http://printercolorltd.en.alibaba.com. We have some OPC drum as follows:

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Toner powder for HP:


toner powder Hp CC388A/35A/36A-- HP LJ P1005/P1006(CB435A)/P1008(CC388A)/P1505(CB436A)

-- HPLaser Jet M1522MFP(CB436A)

toner powder HP 160--Hp1600/2600/2605/Canon v5000/5100

toner powder refilled HP 1600-- Hp1600/2600/2605/Canon v5000/5100

toner powder refilled HP 1500-- Hp1500/2500/2550/Canon 2410/5200

toner powder HP 3500-- Hp3500/3550/3700

toner powder refilled HP 4600-- Hp4600/4650

toner powder HP 5500-- Hp5500/5550

toner powder refilled HP 4500-- Hp4500/8500

toner powder HP 3600-- HP3600/3800/270R/3000/3505

toner powder refilled HP 4700-- HP4700/4730/4005

toner powder HP 9500-- HP 9500/CANON IR 3200

toner powder refilled HP 1215-- Black       HP 1215/2025

toner powder refilled HPQ3960/1/2/3A--HP Color Laser Jet 2550,EP-87,LBP-2410/5200,Satere MF8180

bulk toner powder HPQ6000/1/2/3A-- HP Color Laser Jet 1600/2600/2600N,LBP-5000/5100…(Chemical Toner)

bulk toner powder HPQ2670/1/2/3A-- HP Color Laser Jet 3500/3550/3500n

toner powder HPQ6470/1/2/3A-- HP Color Laser Jet 3600

bulk toner powder HPQ2680/1/2/3A-- HP Color Laser Jet 3700/3750/3700n

bulk toner powder HPQ7580/1/2/3A-- HP Color Laser Jet 3800,3800dn/CP3505,Cartridge 311,LBP-5300/5400

bulk toner powder HPQ9720/1/2/3A-- HP Color Laser Jet 4600/4650,Canon C2500,EP-85,LBP-2510/5500

toner powder HPQ9730/1/2/3A--HP Color Laser Jet 5500/5550,Canon C3500,EP-86,LBP2710/2810/5700

bulk toner powder HPQ5950/1/2/3a-- HP Color Laser Jet4700/4700dn…(Chemical Toner)

oner powder hpCB540/1/2/3-- HP CP1510/1515n/1518ni/1210/1215…(Chemical Toner)

toner powder refilled hpCB530/1/2/4--HP 2025N/2320N…( Chemical Toner)



Toner powder for Epson:


toner powder Epson C1100-- Epson C1100, Xerox 525a  Dell3000/3100

toner powder refilled Epson C900--Epson C900/1900  Milonta 2300/2350/  Lenovo c8000

toner powder refilled Epson C8500-- EpsoncC8500/8600/7000/8800 NEC9200/9250  xerox831/621/620/790   Fujitsu c3100/3200

toner powder Epson C8000-- EpsonC8000/C8200 Tek780/ xerox3310/410 Fujitsu c3000    

QMS 330/330ex"

bulk toner powder Epson C1000-- Epson C1000/c200/Epson 3000c Milonta 2200   Founder c8200

toner powder Epson C3000   Black    Epson c3000/4100/c4000/4200



Toner powder for Xerox:

toner powder Xerox 2120--   Xerox 2120

toner powder refilled Xerox 7400--      Xerox 7400

toner powder refilled Xerox 7700--      Xerox 7700

toner powder Xerox 2428--Xerox 2428/EPL 9100/9800

toner powder refilled Xerox dcc400--Xerox dcc400/dcc250/450/7750

toner powder Xerox C1110--Xerox C1110/Dell1320

bulk toner powder Xerox DC12--Xerox DC12/1250/1255

toner powder refilled Xerox 6120--Xerox 6120

bulk toner powder Xerox 3290--Xerox 3290

bulk toner powder Xerox 6125--Xerox 6125/6130



Toner powder for Minolta:


toner powder Minolta 4650--Konica Minolta 4650

toner powder refilled Minolta 1600--Konica Minolta 1600

toner powder refilled Minolta 2300--    Konica Minolta 2300/2350

toner powder Minolta 2400--Konica Minolta 2400/2430/2500

bulk toner powder Minolta DL-- Konica MinoltaDL?, Founder C8000/C9000/XianfengF16

bulk toner powder Minolta 7450-- Konica Minolta7450

toner powder Minolta 200     --Konica Minolta200/203/253/353

bulk toner powder Minolta C500-- Black     Konica MinoltaC500/8050

toner powder refilled Minolta C350--   Konica Minolta C350/ 450

toner powder Minolta 45-- Konica Minolta C550/ 451

bulk toner powder Minolta  C250-- Konica MinoltaC250/252/300/352

bulk toner powder Minolta Di551/650/670

toner powder Konica7165/7155, 7255/7272



Toner powder for Samsung:



Sasmung 1610D2 / 2010D3--ML1610/ML2010,ML1510/1710/1750,,ML1641/2241,ML4050,SCX4300

toner powder Samsung C500--Samsung Clp 500

toner powder refilled Samsung clp 310-- Samsung clp 310/315

toner powder refilled Samsung clp 300-- Samsung clp 300

toner powder Samsung clp 350-- Samsung clp 350

Samsung clp 610-- Samsung clp 610/660

bulk toner powder SAMSUNG  CLP300/300N,CLX-3160N/FN,CLX-2161K/NK



Toner powder for Lexmark:

toner powder Lexmark C500--     Lexmark C500/510

bulk toner powder Lexmark C520--Lexmark C520/522/524/530/532/534

bulk toner powder Lexmark C720--      Lexmark C720

bulk toner powder Lexmark C1200-- Lexmark c1200/1275      casio n4-612

toner powder Lexmark C910-- Black    Lexmark C910/912   IMB 1228/1357


Toner powder for Dell:


bulk toner powder DELL 1320-- Xerox C1110/Dell1320

toner powder DELL 3110-- DELL 3110 xerox 2100



Toner powder for Ricoh:


toner powder Ricoh C3500--Ricoh  C3500/4500

toner powder refilled Ricoh C2500-- Ricoh C2500/3000

toner powder refilled Ricoh C2800-- Ricioh MPC 2800/3300/2030/2550/2200/2050/5000

toner powder Ricoh 1000-- Ricoh 1000

bulk toner powder Ricoh 811-- Ricoh 811

toner powder refilled Ricoh C220-- Ricoh C220/222

toner powder Ricoh MP-C 6000--Ricoh 6000

bulk toner powder ricoh 2030/5000--   ricoh 2030/5000

toner powder Ricoh CL4000--Ricioh CLC4000/spc410/c411DN

bulk toner powder Ricoh 3800C-- Ricioh-Aficio3800C      Aficio7000/7100

toner powder Ricoh Aficio 1035/1045/1075/1060/2051/2060/2075



Toner powder for OKI


toner powder OKI C3100--OKI c3100/3200/5100/5200/5300/5400/ Oki c7300/7350 Jolimark 1220/2024

bulk toner powder OKI 5600--OKI 5600/5700/5800

toner powder OKI 9600--OKI 9600/9800

toner powder refilled OKI 3300--OKI 3300/3400


Toner powder for Brother:


Brother 4050--Brother 4050 4040/9040/9440/9840


toner powder refilled Brother TN-2050/TN-2000-- Brother HL2030/2040/2070N,Fax-2810/2820/2920,MFC-7220/7420

DCP-7010,FUJIXerox DP203A/204A,lenovo2312P/2500/6012/7200

toner powder BROTHER HL4040/4050/2700/9420


Toner powder for Others:

toner powder Canon IR155/165/200/1600/2000/2010/2016/2200/2800/3300

toner powder Canon IR 8500/GP605/IR600

toner powder refilled Kyocera Mita KM1620/1650/2020/2050 ,TK-418 165/169/203/205

toner powder Kyocera Mita KM1635/2530/3530/4030 AD-259/359/409

toner powder refilled Kyocera Mita KM3035/4035/5035 AD-309/405/509

toner powder Kyocera Mita KM2550,TK-420

toner powder refilled FS-9100DN/9120DN/9500DN/9520DN,TK-70/76

toner powder Konica7165/7155, 7255/7272




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