toner chip for Samsung ML-1640/1641/1642/2240/2241

toner chip for Samsung ML-1640/1641/1642/2240/2241

Toner chip    for Samsung ML-1640/1641/1642/2240/2241


Laser  chip  for Samsung ML-1640/1641/1642/2240/2241


Printer chip  for Samsung ML-1640/1641/1642/2240/2241



1.printer Model:Samsung ML-1640/1641/1642/2240/2241
3.yiled:2K/5K @5% coverage
4.cartridge NO: Samsung MLT-D108



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We are a gold and trusted manufacturer of toner chip (laser chip, reset chip, printer chip, toner cartridge chip, compatible chip) by the biggest international site, We have some new chips as follows:





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for Samsung new toner chip

Samsung MLT-D106----Samsung ML-2245 2K chips
Samsung MLT-D205---Samsung ML-3310/3710,SCX-4833/5737 2K/5K
Samsung MLT-D206 ---Samsung SCX-5935 10K
Samsung SCX-R6555A---Samsung SCX-6455/6555 25K for toner chips,80K for drum chips
Samsung MLT-D308----Samsung ML-4055/4555 10K/20K toner chips

Samsung CLX-8380ND ,20K for BK Chip,15K for the color chips

for Samsung 105----for Samsung Ml-1910/1915/2525/2580/4600/4606/4623/CF650 1.5K/2.5K

for Samsung MLT-308-------for Samsung Ml-4055/4555 chip 10K/20K

for Samsung 209-------------------for Samsung SCX-4824/4828/2855 2K/5K

for Samsung 108-------for Samsung ML-1640/1641/1642/2240/2241 1.5K

for Samsung 409---for Samsung CLp-310/315/3170/3185 1.5K

for Samsung 109---for Samsung SCX-4300/4610/4315 2K

for Samsung MLT-104 -------for Samsung ML-1660/ML-1661/ML-1666/ML-1665

for Samsung MLT-407---for Samsung CLP-320/CLP-325/CLX-3185

for Samsung SCX-620

for Samsung MLT-208 ------for Samsung SCX-5635/SCX-5835

for Samsung CLT-508  --------------------for Samsung CLP-615/620/670

for Samsung CLP-770---------for Samsung CLT-609

 for Samsung SCX-6345 toner chip ,

for  Samsung SCX-6345 drum  chip

 Toner chip for Samsung CLP-600 (BK/C/M/Y)

Toner chip for Samsung CLP-300/2160/3160FN/3160N (BK/C/M/Y)

Toner chip for Samsung CLP-510/500/500N/550/550N  (BK/C/M/Y)

Toner chip for ML-2150,ML2151N,ML-2152W,ML-2550,ML-2551N

Laser chip for Samsung ML-2250,ML-2251N,ML-2252W

Laser chip for Samsung SCX-4500 ,ML-1630

Laser chip for Samsugn ML-2850D,ML-2851ND

Printer chip for Samsung ML-3050,ML-3051N,ML-3051ND

Printer chip for Samsung ML-3470D,ML3470DN

Printer chip for Samsung SCX-4720F

Compatible chip for Samsung SCX-4200

Cartridge chip for Samsung SCX-4725F.SCX4725FN

Cartridge chip for Samsung SCX-5330N,5530FN

Cartridge chip for Samsung CLP-350A  (K/C/M/Y)

For Samsung CLP-310,CLP-315 printer Mainboard chip

For Samsung SCX-4300 cartridge chip

For Samsung ML-1640 printer Mainboard chip

For Samsung ML-2240/ML-2241 printer Mainboard chip

For Samsung SCX-4828/SCX-4824 

Cartridge chip for Samsung ML-1666

Cartridge chip for Samsung ML-1640/1641

Cartridge chip for Samsung ML-2240/2241




for Xerox new toner chip:


Xerox C1190 drum chip
Xerox C1110 drum chip

for Xerox 4150 toner chip

for Xerox 3140/3160 toner chip

for Xerox WC 3210/3220 toner chip

for Xerox C2100 toner chip

for Xerox C2200/C3300 toner chipoce

for Xerox 6280 BK,C,M,Y toner chip

for Xerox 6180 BK,C,M,Y toner chip ,

for Xerox 6128 BK,C,M,Y toner chip ,

for Xerox 6140 BK,C,M,Y toner chip ,

for Xerox phaser 7400 BK,C,M,Y toner chip ,

for Xerox C3290 BK,C,M,Y toner chip ,

for Xerox  WC 3210/3220 chip 2K toner chip

for Xerox WC 3550 chip 11K toner chip

for Xerox WC M118/C118 chip 11K (6R1179) toner chip ,

for Xerox WC123/128/133 30K (6R1182),XEROX WC123/128/133 30K TONER chip(6R1184) ,

for Xerox C118/M118/M118I,C123/M123/WCP123,

for Xerox C128/M128/WCP128,C133/M133/WCP133 DRUM chip(13R589)

for Xerox   PHASER-3140/3155/3160 Chip 2.5K (108R00909)

for Xerox  3100 chip 4k (106R01379)

for Xerox  fax center 2121 6K chip

for Xerox   240A/340A chip 10K

for Xerox  Phaser 3420/3425 ; Tektronix 3420 chip

for Xerox phaser 7760 toner chip,drum chip

for Xerox 3050 color toner chip

for Xerox 2250 color toner chip

for Xerox 3055 color toner chip

for Xerox C1110 BK,C,M,Y toner chip

for Xerox C1190 BK,C,M,Y toner chip

 DocuPrint C525/DocuPrint C2090FS Drum

Toner chip for Xerox DocuPrint C525/DocuPrint C2090FS (BK/C/M/Y)

Toner chip for Phaser 6300/6350  Black

Toner chip for XEROX 3100

Toner chip for Phaser 6300/6350  (C/M/Y)

Toner chip for DP202/305/205/255

Toner chip for DocuPrint 240A/340A  (XEROX  CT350268)

Toenr chip for DocuPrint 340A (XEROX  CT350269)

Toner chip for Phaser 4500

Toner chip for Phaser 4510

Toner chip for Phaser 5400

Printer chip for Xerox 6180 (BK/C/M/Y)

Printer chip for Xerox 6280 (BK/C/M/Y)

Printer chip for Xerox Phaser 7760

Xerox Phaser 7760 drum

Printer chip for Phaser 6130  (BK/C/M/Y)

Printer chip for DocuPrint C1110/C1110B  (BK/C/M/Y)

Printer chip for Phaser 3150

Printer chip for N4525

Compatible chip for PE220  

Compatible chip for WC3119  

Compatible chip for Phaser 3200MFP/N

Compatible chip for Phaser 6120 (BK/C/M/Y)

Compatible chip<span style="mso-bookmark: OLE_

Product Origin: china
Model Number: ML-1640/1641/1642/2240/2241
Brand Name:  Samsung

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Company Name:   Printer Color Technology Co.LTD
Contact Person:  emmy

:Room 602,Unit 1,Building 3,Hongcheng Road No.589,Nanchang City,China 



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